#WitnessesToHunger: New Haven Member Faces Decades of Criminal Justice Challenges

Kimberly Hart, a member of Witnesses to Hunger: New Haven, spoke with Jessicah Pierre of Inequality.org to share her story of the challenges she’s faced having several felony convictions on her criminal record…from 30+ years ago. Now, though she struggles to find work in several sectors, she doesn’t give up hope and has become a dynamic advocate for people facing hunger and living in poverty.

“Because my felons are all larcenies, I can’t get a living wage job. I can’t get a job at a retail store.” Hart goes on to explain how she can’t even get trained to become a Certified Nursing Assistant because potential employers are too afraid to let her into people’s homes. “I told myself, I don’t do those things anymore. Why am I still being held accountable for it? I’ve already paid my dues, why do I have to pay for the rest of my life?”- Kim H.

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