Nancy Pelosi Speaks of Member Tianna G.’s Family Story

Member of Witnesses to Hunger, Tianna G., recently spoke in Washington, D.C. alongside Rep. Barbara Lee and other vocal supporters of programs like SNAP that help families survive and thrive.

At a subsequent press conference, Democratic leaders, Nancy Pelosi, spoke highly of Tianna, calling her the “VIP”, a testament to the value of first-hand expert testimony about life in poverty and life facing hunger and food insecurity.


Thank you, [Congresswoman] Barbara Lee, for being a champion – that’s hardly the word, it doesn’t seem to measure up, to the leadership she provides for fairness in our country.  Tianna, thank you for sharing your story. You are the VIP at this reception here.  And I want to thank [Congresswoman] Barbara Lee and Lee Saunders and our other friends in labor who are here.  Lee Saunders just had his birthday, and happy birthday Lee Saunders!

“My theme for the week has been – because I went to my grandchildren’s graduation from high school over the weekend – a theme that I heard there and others here have heard me say on other occasions, ‘to whom much is given much is expected.’  And our country has been given so much.  But Tianna [Gaines Turner] and her family give much to our country as well.  And we cannot allow this document, this immoral document, to deprive Tianna and her children of the future that our founders envisioned for her and for all Americans.

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