Witnesses to Hunger: Youth Forum (Recap)

On Saturday, August 19, 2017, Witnesses to Hunger held a Youth Forum and Back-to-School Party, a day-long celebration of youth advocacy and anti-poverty activism in Philadelphia.

Witnesses from Philadelphia and Boston came together to promote the work of Witnesses to Hunger and give away free school supplies to West Philadelphia community members. The Back-to-School party also served as a space for youth and their families to learn about the work of other community organizations and initiatives; among the participating organizations were the Free Library of Philadelphia’s Get Hype Initiative, Apiary Magazine, the Synergy Project at the Valley Youth House, and the People’s Emergency Center.

Featuring a live DJ, face-painting, and live musical performances and photo exhibits by students from the Village of Arts and Humanities, the Witnesses to Hunger Back-to-School party provided a much-needed space for Philadelphians to come together and share experiences and ways to get involved in their community.

The main event of the day was a Youth panel conversation of children of Witnesses members speaking on their experiences with food insecurity and housing instability, ending with a call for safer communities, better housing opportunities, and improvements in the education system, beginning with increased support structures for students living in poverty.

Check out the video of the entire panel to see how these brave young people show the power and importance of giving youth voices a platform in the fight against poverty.

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The Youth Forum and Back-to-School Party marked the beginning of Witnesses to Hunger’s commitment to youth outreach, advocacy, and activism.

We would like to thank everyone who donated school supplies, helping us make this event a huge success! The children of Philadelphia are better off because of your generosity. We received over 125 donations of supplies. Each bag was valued at approximately $75-100 and we have given away 63 bags so far.

Thank you:

  • Elaine Keagle
  • Douglas W. Anderson
  • Breanna Swartwood
  • Mickel
  • Melissa Rivera
  • Emily Sears
  • Galia Godel
  • Amanda
  • Emily Flake
  • Sarah
  • Kim Dancy
  • Keelar
  • Gina
  • Kate Hunson
  • Regine
  • Kathy I Cameron
  • Jennifer
  • Kari Storm
  • Becki Gonzalez
  • James P. Vannest III
  • Amy Clinkscales
  • Sally Mitchell
  • Nyasha Junior
  • Shawn
  • Maine
  • Matthew Harmon
  • Martha Shaughnessy
  • @hoosiebraddy
  • Jeffery Perema
  • Kelly Acors
  • Keelar
  • Stephanie Howard
  • David Adomites
  • Janine
  • Kathy Cameron
  • Martha Shaughnessy
  • Keelar
  • James P Vannest III
  • Alison Sanchirico
  • @rpbp (Rebecca)
  • Malik Sekou Gibbons
  • jc
  • Erica Marie Lane
  • MAriposa Food Co-op
  • Sarah Wartman
  • Carolyn Wood
  • Sara Wachter-Boettcher
  • Krista Hinman
  • Pamela Chozen
  • Jeffrey Pereira
  • Stephen O’Brien
  • Sarah Dyer
  • Palmer
  • Sonya Som
  • Katie Wallace
  • Cristina Cajulis
  • Ayman Itani
  • Heather Musto
  • And the countless anonymous donations and gifts


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