Meet The Members

Members of Witnesses to Hunger live in various cities and are committed to doing the work needed for their communities, as well as the country.

Click Below to learn more about the members. Contact us if you have a speaking or media request or if you’d like to learn more about the work we do.

Boston, MA
Bonita C.
Mona E.
Jessica F.
Juell F.
Diane S.

Bristol, PA
Marinette R.

New Haven, CT
Laquita B.
Kim H.
Marvin O.
Jessica N.
Rae P.

Philadelphia, PA
Emily E.
Tianna G.
Sherita M.
Imani S.
Angela “Nike” S.
Karla T.
Myra Y.

Sacramento, CA
Jonetta H.

Scranton, PA
Jean C.

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